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Useful Links

The links, that you can find useful:

Good news, jobs, etc:
LWN - linux news;
Kernel Trap - linux news and forums;
Computer Jobs Israel - good news and jobs.

Software tools, packages, etc:
Open-Source Testing Tools - an ultimate source of links to open-source testing software;
ACE and TAO - Douglas Schmidt home page with links to his great ACE and TAO projects.

Snort - an open-source IDS system;
Mixter Security - a phylosophical page of Mixter;
PacketStorm Security - a collection of security related software.

RFCs, Standards, Patents, Papers:
Zvon RFCs - browsable RFCs;
SIP Tech Invite - everything about SIP;
USPTO Search - US patent search;
European Patent Search - search for all patents: EU, US, PCTs, etc.
Search for Computer Science Papers - better than google.

Interesting Software Links:
Linux Kernel Cross-Reference - browsable cross-referenced code of linux kernel;
Linux Kernel C++ - C++ patches for linux kernel;

Interesting Software People:
Dr. Douglas Schmidt - his papers about Object Oriented Technology and Design Patterns in communication;
Evgeniy Polyakov - a very good side with interesting projects and blog;
Ulrich Drepper - a collection of useful papers;
Ingo Molnar - linux RT related patches;
Dan Kegel - a great collection of linux communication links, including "10K problem" page.

Algorithms, data structures:
Wikipedia Algorithms - wikipedia list of articles on algorithms;
Wikipedia Data Structures - wikipedia list of articles on data structures;
NIST Algorithms and Data Structures one - NIST list of algorithms and data structures;
NIST Algorithms and Data Structures two - NIST list of algorithms and data structures;